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Special products


We offer a wide range of systems covering the demand of state, military and police bodies in the field of security, protection and acquirement of information.

Models of technological solutions we offer:

  • Surveillance and tracking systems (GPS, GSM, GPRS, RF)
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE monitoring
  • Internet, satellite and network monitoring
  • Jammers
  • Detection systems
    • non-linear junction detectors
    • GSM detectors
    • radio spectrum detectors
    • metal frames
    • metal detectors
  • RTG systems (stationary, mobile)
  • Spectral and line analyzers
  • Detector of persons behind an obstacle
  • Systems for recognition of faces a license plates
  • Systems for data analysis and forensic systems
  • Tailor-made solutions




  • Security and technical consultations
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Presentation of new technologies


Client zone

The seventh Prague Security Exhibition will take place on 10th April 2019 under the auspices of ALLSAT Ltd. The exhibition focuses on presentation of special and security technologies. more

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