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Research and development of RF devices


Our company focuses on research and development of RF systems as well as transmitters, receivers for the needs of audio and video surveillance. Our philosophy is to quickly fill any gap at the market using our skills or in cooperation with big distributors or as a tailor-made solution when the customer contacts us directly.

Our advantage is flexibility and ability to respond to even minor requests because it is usually an issue for big companies. From the technical point of view, our main aim is to consistently reach the smallest possible size of each product in order to be reliable and have great utility properties.


Printed circuit board:

We offer 4-layer boards (12 layers, if necessary) in component class 8, i.e. the width of circuits, isolation gaps and annulus is at least 0,1 mm and drilling at least 0,2 mm.


Speaking about passive components, we use mostly size 0402. Concerning new miniature transmitters, we are skilled in technology of components with size 0201. We frequently use active components in capsules QFN and BGA


  1. Administrative office: Českobrodská 516 , Praha 9 – Hostavice
  2. Laboratories for research and development
  3. Laboratories for production and testing


Laboratory equipment

Our products are developed, tested and revived in our laboratories. We use the following main devices:

N1996A RF spectrum analyzer Agilent CSA
SG2000 RF signal generator Elsy
SM300 RF signal generator Rohde&Schwarz
E4418B RF power meter Agilent
PM4000 RF power meter Elsy
G305e RF winradio
DSO6034A 300 MHz digital oscilloscope Agilent
PL303-QMDP programmable power supply Thurlby Thandar Instruments
MS-9170 multimeter / counter / AF generator / power supply Metex
WD1, WD2M Weller soldering stations
GT-31 hot air soldering workstation
LS100 Laser engraving machine
SU-241 climatic chamber -40°C to +120°C Espec
FSP3 RF spectrum analyzer Rohde&Schwarz
FSL3 RF spectrum analyzer Rohde&Schwarz
HP8656B RF signal generator Hewlett Packard
OT230.012 Isolation Transformer
BR2822 RLC metter
WR2 Weller vacuum desoldering station



Client zone

The eights Prague Security Exhibition will take place in April 2021 under the auspices of ALLSAT Ltd. The exhibition focuses on presentation of surveillance and counter-surveillance technologies more

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